Sea Water to Garden, a Designers Manual
A simple e-book on using recycled tires to make solar stills
that actually work. For use on and off grid. In this book
we explain how to build a simple year round greenhouse
connected to the still that can be built on a beach, in a
desert, or anywhere fresh usable water is not available but
brackish, polluted or otherwise tainted or unusable water is.

Not only can you use the water produced from the still for
gardening, but it also can be collected for drinking, cooking
or anywhere distilled water is needed.

In todays world, this information could save millions from
starvation, sickness and death. With growing food prices,
food shortages, as well as food riots across the globe, this
information is priceless. I have not found a better solar still
for the price it takes to build these and the time it takes to
build one. This is no typical "desert still", the works are
inside! Build 100 or more and survive on what you grow!
And keep the corporation calling itself government out of
your food, water, pocket and life.

The design keeps out varmints, bugs, cold, wind and other
crop destroyers. And have tomatoes, strawberries etc.
fresh in the winter.

With pharmaceuticals showing up in drinking water across
the country, it pays to have clean drinking water supply
that replenishes daily, and is chemical free. All this
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NEW: Page added!  A diagram on how to recycle
100% of your grey water back to your home as
distilled water using no electricity or any fossil fuels.
Droplets formed within 30 minutes at 70 deg F.
It even keeps working at a lesser degree even if
the sea or tainted water supply fails. Water
from the ground itself keeps it working. This
may keep you alive in an emergency.
Above, the finished still next to the all weather greenhouse it feeds. The trick
is whats under the liner, and its duel action process. No, its not a typical still.
So do not be fooled by its looks.
Don,t be fooled
by the pictures,
the works are
This is no
regular desert

This still will
continue to work
even if the water
supply runs out,
to a degree. The
secret is under
the plastic cover!
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No greener use for tires I am aware
Our goal, total sustainability with food
to spare anywhere good water is not
available. All donations will go to use
on this project as it grows.
We reserve our right to "private contract".
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